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A Global Pandemic Shut down big weddings starting March 2022

A lot of people imagine their wedding day as a young child and play “wedding” with their friends and family. This is a significant milestone for many couples as well as friends and family attending the ceremony and reception. No one would have expected that a global pandemic would shut down big weddings starting in March of 2020. Anyone who was already engaged at this time was scrambling to push the date back a few weeks so we could “slow the curve.” This was only going to last a couple of weeks, right? 

Weddings in Charlotte and other places around the country were rescheduled for 2022

As we know, gatherings of 50+ people were banned in Charlotte, NC and other places around the country. Fast forward two years and it is officially The Year of Weddings! It was reported by The Wedding Report that there will be “2.47 million weddings” in 2022 with “20% of 2021 weddings rescheduled out to 2022.” Save the dates have been sent out to friends and family and quickly, people have 5-6 weddings to attend this year. Frequent Ponybox customer and Charlotte local, Gina Maggio said, “with 10 wedding invites this year, I may just be renting for every single one!” That is a lot of wedding guest dresses. Between travel, gifts, accommodations and so much more the dollar signs start to add up. Designer dresses are expensive. How will you afford all of this? According to Inside Weddings, the average wedding attendee in the United States spends $1,386.22 per celebration. With gas prices on the rise, the cost of driving is increasing considerably. As for flying, “surging travel demand and lower overall seat capacity as we enter the busy summer months” will cause “record highs for summer airfare” (Hayley Berg, Economist at Hopper). You start to search for “wedding guest dresses” or “formal dresses” and there are so many options online. You are in love with the bold patterns and bright colors but you know you would only wear it one time. It would be more practical to get a neutral color. Finding a dress for a formal event can be problematic, you notice that it will take weeks to ship and move onto the next website. Until you see Ponybox come up on your feed. 


Ponybox is a women's clothing rental service based in Charlotte, NC

It is a business that allows you to rent one piece of clothing at a time or you can try as many pieces as you want for a one week rental period. The best part, they offer same day delivery right to your door. When you are done, they will come pickup your clothing items. Starting on June 21, 2022, Ponybox will be offering appointments in their showroom to try on outfits before renting. Ponybox specializes in dress rentals for formal occasions as well as casual events, offering a variety of plus size options. One perk in renting clothes is that you can have fun with your personal style. You don’t have to play it safe and get the black dress that you could wear again. You have the freedom to have fun because you aren’t committed to owning the outfit. 

When it comes to weddings, it is important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Having a new outfit is about how it makes you feel. It makes all the difference when you walk into the room feeling like you could win best dressed. Exuding confidence, you feel great in what you are wearing.

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