Clothing Buyback Program

We’re looking for help with our final two Charlotte in the Wild second hand collections. We’re going to do these a little differently than previous collections (and test a clothing buyback program that we’ve been wanting to try for a while) and we’re going to be sourcing the secondhand pieces from YOU! 

The themes for these collections are “Party Animal” and “Vintage Charlotte” (we won’t tell you which neighborhoods but you can probably guess :)) See below for how it works and the specific types of items we are looking for. 

How it works:

Send a photo (or two) of your pieces to our shared texting line at 833-369-3170

We will review your photos and let you know if any of your pieces will fit into our collections 

We will offer you either store credit or cash for your items (to manage expectations, we will only be able to pay between $5-$15 for items we buy back) 

You drop purchased items off at our showroom


Sizes XS-3X (0-20)

Specifically looking for: Animal print/black/brown/red items that you’d wear out 

Slip dresses, blazers, crop tops, etc.

Denim jackets of any color 

Any vintage or unique Charlotte Hornets or Carolina Panthers apparel

Denim overalls of any color


No rayon/viscose material

No SHEIN, Forever 21, H&M, or other fast fashion brands 

No major stains, rips, or obvious wear and tear