Refresh your wardrobe in a more sustainable way.

Did you know one of the most sustainable ways to get rid of old clothing is recycling it in your local community?

By finding a home for our clothing before tossing it in the donation bins, we're keeping those pieces in circulation (and out of landfills) longer.

sell us your clothes!

All of our thrift items are bought on consignment from our local Charlotte community. At the end of each month, you'll receive 50% of whatever has sold that month. Schedule an appointment to sell with us!

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Items we accept:

Men's & women's in-season items such as:

- T-shirts

- Tops

- Jackets/coats

- Blazers

- Dresses

- Skirts

- Vests

- Pants/jeans

- Boots

- Hats

Items we LOVE (and are most likely to sell):

- Funny t-shirts & sweatshirts

- Maxi skirts

- Cool vintage jackets

- Mom jeans

- Casual dresses

- Funky sweaters/knits

- Cowboy or combat boots

Items we do not accept:

- activewear

- swimwear

- underwear

- sandals

- we are very selective on business clothing due to the high volume received

We cannot accept anything stained, ripped, or with excessive pet hair. Please please wash your clothing before bringing them to us!

You will have the option to pick your items back up from our showroom if your items don't sell within 60 days or have us donate them.

We want to keep our price points accessible, so most items will be sold for $5-$30, however we will list vintage and higher end designer items at higher prices.

If you have specific prices you'd like us to sell your items for, let us know during your consignment appointment.

We will send payment via Venmo, Paypal, or Cash within one week following the consignment sale.

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