Hi There!

Hi! I'm Hellen - owner/founder of Ponybox Clothing! I started Ponybox back in October of 2020 here in Charlotte with the mission of making self-expression through style more affordable, convenient, and sustainable.

Until about a year ago, I really struggled with finding my own personal style. I've always been attracted to bright colors and prints, but more often than not I would end up buying the more practical colors and styles that I would get the most wear out of (i.e. choosing the black leather jacket over the fun pink fur coat).

This all felt super inefficient and wasteful to me, so I tried other clothing rental platforms but none of them catered to the last-minute convenience I was looking for. I started thinking....I can order food to be delivered to my house in an hour, why can't I order an outfit the same way?

After doing a lot of research on the fashion industry, I started to realize actually how harmful to the environment overconsumption is. I decided if I was going to invest my time and money into something, in addition to solving my own problems with shopping, I wanted to help the planet (or at least not make it worse).  

I also started to notice how important convenience was. I often shop from Amazon not because I support their company values, but because they make it so easy. I started to think that if we could make a sustainable alternative to fast fashon that was also convenient and super affordable, it could have a really significant impact. 

All of these ideas came together to form Ponybox, a local clothing rental and delivery service.

What's even cooler is that through this whole journey I've developed my own true personal style. I've experienced firsthand the powerful feeling of putting on an outfit that is just so "me" and the confience that comes with it.

It has become my own personal mission to spread that feeling of joy, confidence, and empowerment through clothing to the women in my local community. 

Thank you for joining our amazing community - this truly would not be possible without your support!

Giddy up!

- Hellen