Sustainability Made Convenient

We believe that in order to drive actual change, we need to align the best interests of consumers with what's good for the planet.

Since the majority of our orders are delivered locally in Charlotte, we're helping to cut down on the CO2 emissions causing from shipping product back and forth.

Our local delivery model gives us the ability to recycle all of our signature pink boxes and pack our orders without any plastic.

We are committed to purchasing 90% of our inventory from slow fashion brands. These brands do small-batch product runs and producing less stuff = less waste. Additionally, our brands use sustainable fabrics and pay their workers a living wage.

Perchloroethylene (aka PERC = the main chemical used in dry cleaning) is a toxic air pollutant. Since we wet-clean all of our clothes (i.e. clean them in a regular washing machine), that means no harsh chemicals going out into the world.

Once we are ready to retire pieces from our store, we donate them to local partners, such as Dress for Success Charlotte, or sustainable upcycling organizations to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills every year.